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At MedicalAssistantCertification.org, our goal is simple: to help you meet your personal and professional goals as you work to become a qualified medical assistant.

Jobs for medical assistants are projected to grow more than 30 percent in the next seven years – more than double the rate of growth for all occupations. This means more than 150,000 medical assistants will launch their careers, and the vast majority of these individuals will become qualified through an accredited certification program. We’re here to connect you to information about these programs and the professions they prepare you for. Helpful resources you’ll find on our site include:

  • A guide to medical assistant certifications and exams
  • Licensure criteria for medical assistants in all 50 states
  • A comprehensive national directory of schools offering MA training programs
  • A career center detailing the specializations and professional opportunities available to licensed medical assistants

expert The resources, data and suggestions found throughout MedicalAssistantCertification.org have been reviewed and endorsed by established MAs. Our site’s resident expert is Shawen M Potter. Shawen has served as a registered medical assistant for over 14 years.

Employed by the Pensacola Florida Blue Center and the Lakeview Center’s Acute Stabilization Unit, Shawen works in both a clinical and clerical capacity. While Shawen works full-time, she is also pursuing an A.A. in business management, which, combined with her medical background, will further advance her career and expertise. Read more about her experience in the field on our Q&A page.

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What People Are Saying About Us

“[Your site] is very informative and provides a lot of good information for students.”
– Michele Lyman, M.S., PA-C, Director of Allied Health Programs at Utah State University

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