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Medical Assistant Programs and Jobs in Delaware

Prospective medical assistants (MA) in Delaware need to obtain a high school diploma or GED before pursuing career training or employment in this field. MAs in Delaware do not need to earn professional certification, although some employers may prefer to hire applicants who have received credentials from a national agency.

The Delaware Division of Professional Regulation does not explicitly outline the duties MAs are permitted or prohibited to carry out in this state. However, licensed medical professionals, such as nurses and physicians, are expected to use discretion before delegating responsibilities to MAs. According to Title 24, Chapter 19 of Delaware’s professionals and occupation laws, MAs are prohibited from:

  • Advanced practice tasks
  • Professional and practical nursing tasks

Since the duties of the MA role aren’t clearly defined by state law, these are some of the general responsibilities MAs should expect to perform:

  • Exam room preparation
  • Patient scheduling and medical interviews
  • Lab test collection
  • Recording vital signs
  • Filing insurance forms

Unlike states with extremely strict MA definitions, Delaware’s state laws leave task delegation open to interpretation. Delaware MAs should take particular care to communicate frequently with licensed staff members to make sure tasks are clear and within the MA’s scope of experience.

Salary and Employment Data for Major Cities Across Delaware

LocationTotal MAs EmployedMean Hourly WageAnnual Mean Wage
Source: Occupational Employment Statistics, May 2013
Wilmington, DE-MD-NJ1,290$16.14$33,570

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